The fresh product market requires fast response times in order to respond quickly to developments and opportunities. For its fresh product brands, Danone sought a partner who could efficiently roll-out its brands by offering relevant product designs for both the packaging and in-store promotion operations.

The Solution:

With a relationship going back 14 years, Danone is an old client of Diadeis. The agency is an unclear reference on Danone's fresh product brands and was capable of taking up this challenge. By having an onsite artistic management team dedicated completely to Danone, Diadeis combines its close relationship to the brands with its flexibility. Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of fresh food markets, coupled with its strong history with the brands, its proposed designs have direct relevance. Diadeis is also in charge of pre-press processes (artworks and reprographics), optimising the response time for each of the design implementation phases.

The result:

"Diadeis was able to combine a real affinity with our brands and faultless technical expertise, and propose us quality products."
Nativité R., Brand Marketing Manager at Danone

Two years in a row, Diadeis has won the "Top Quality Service Provider Trophy" awarded by the Sourcing and Supplier Development Manager at Danone France Fresh Products.