Elizabeth Arden


Elizabeth Arden, Inc., is one of the world's leading producers of prestige perfumes and cosmetics, with an extensive portfolio of luxury beauty brands sold in 120 countries worldwide.

Diadeis’ collaboration with Elizabeth Arden began in 1999, when the company came to us looking for a creative and strategic partner to help showcase its brand images. Our privileged location in the heart of Manhattan - a few meters away from Elizabeth Arden’s corporate office - allows us to collaborate directly with their creative team.

Working with original photography, our talented team of retouching artists handles all image modification, enhancement and compositing for the creation of final images.  These images are ultimately used globally for a variety of finished marketing materials: out of home, in-store graphics, advertising, public relations and web.

Diadeis also produces and installs signage for various needs at Elizabeth Arden such as sales meetings, department store counters, light boxes and in-store signage. To aid with the ordering of printed visuals globally, we implemented the EA Display Builder site that allows account executives to order the most current visuals for usage in Elizabeth Arden stores and department stores around the world. The site has also helped streamline creative control of the visuals by providing color consistency and usage rights management.

In 2013, Elizabeth Arden again looked to our expertise to help them achieve additional efficiencies. Working together with their creative team, we implemented a Creative Asset Management site (CAM), which currently houses over 3,000 images that can be accessed instantly, whenever and wherever. This access enhances employee productivity and allows the company to cut costs by re-using approved assets.

Our partnership with Elizabeth Arden remains strong as we continue to provide top-notch creative production services and asset management technologies.