With just a few weeks before the start of the Pan American Games Toronto 2015, ESPN and ESPN Deportes entrusted Diadeis to ignite awareness of the sporting event within the company. Their goal was to create impactful visuals for both their National Headquarters and NYC offices.

The Solution: 
After reviewing the provided PanAm graphic standards, Diadeis produced several ideas leveraging the given assets. Diadeis re-purposed the Sport Pictograms to create enlarged sport characters inspired by organic, fluid and curved lines found in the master logo.  Diadeis produced five pictograms at 6' height on clear laser cut plexi to create a multicolored silhouette.  These 5 visuals were manufactured to be used both outdoor and indoor at the headquarters.

Diadeis took high-resolution photography of key athletes and produced billboard-size graphics that were installed also at the headquarters.  This key visual was applied on a 2-story skywalk that had great exposure to staff.

Keeping the same theme, Diadeis then designed visuals to be applied to all the elevators the NYC offices.

The result:  
ESPN and ESPN Deportes staff and partners are now aware and excited about the PanAm games.