With over 40 chocolate, coffee and biscuit brands, Mondelez is the top advertiser in France in terms of the number of in-store promotional campaigns. These campaigns use various media (leaflets, discount coupons, catalogues, etc.) and require quick response times as well as maintaining quality and ensuring the image can be used across sectors.

The Solution:

Mondelez delegated the entire pre-press process to one single supplier as well as a role in creating its commercial operations. This supplier was Diadeis, who concentrates within its dedicated team the skills required to achieve hundreds of projects per year. A back office team manages the design, artworks and reprographics, and an onsite team at Mondelez manages the project coordination. This organisation model, which furthermore is supported by the use of the Mediabox collaborative tool set, increases flexibility and response times as it is on the pulse of the client's daily issues.

The result:

"Diadeis has been able to work with Mondelez through the organisational changes our design implementation process has undergone over the past ten years. This was during the emergence of artworks-reprographics production platforms, the delegation of coordination services, and technological developments in the business such as collaborative or 3D tools."
Marion G., Marketing Services purchaser Mondelez