Nestlé Cereal Partners


Nestlé Cereal Partners is a major player in the highly promotion-focused cereal market. In order to optimise its packaging projects which cover a large number of products, the company sought a single service provider able to work with them in production as well as advise them on their processes.

The Solution:

Diadeis carries out the pre-press and coordinates all the packaging processes for the Nestlé Cereal Partners group in Europe and the Middle East. The agency's task is to ensure brand consistency over all the regions (respecting the corporate style guide, logo choices, formatting, etc.) in order to ensure the uniformity of upstream work done by the 24 creative agencies. A dedicated unit and collaborative tools were put in place, making the monitoring of this huge packaging volume possible. This web-based solution was developed to take into consideration Nestlé Cereal Partners' unique characteristics. It enables all those involved in the design implementation process to interact using a comprehensive collaborative tool which is directly accessible online.

The result:

A shorter lead-time overall and a greater brand uniformity throughout European & Middle-East countries.