At Diadeis we follow the sustainable development ideology in our work, client relations and also public interactions. It is a deep rooted part of our work culture, with all our teams working responsibly to the best of their abilities, so as to reduce any harmful environmental impact to its minimum.

Providing information to the public

 For our environment to be protected, it has to be respected by everyone. Consequently, Diadeis is regularly involved in creating public information campaigns. For these, famous locations in Paris have been used to site works which promote sustainable development. Here are some examples, installed by designer Fabrice Peltier:

  • A "Recycled Christmas" operation rolled out in conjunction with the Paris Council. Giant Christmas trees made out of reclaimed plastic bottles were set up in Paris's Place Baudoyer. A family-sized version of the recycled Christmas tree was also developed. It won a Pentaward, an international prize which recognizes the best in packaging design across the globe.
  • BHV department store hosted a "recycled garden", a monumental work centred on a giant tree made out of thousands of reclaimed plastic bottles. Farmyard birds made from used plastic bags pecked at the grass around the tree. The walls and floor were strewn with bouquets of coloured flowers, also created from plastic bottles and bags, as well as metal packaging.
  • The "Allée du Recyclage" (recycling alley) opened at the heart of Paris in 2011. Its aim was to promote recycling through artistic creations and it is located within the Palais-Royal - Musée du Louvre underground station, in a Second Empire gallery. 

And what are we doing?

Our contribution
Firstly, we carried out a carbon footprint assessment to find out where we stood. Currently at nearly 7 tons of CO2 per employee, Diadeis' production is below average for a service company. We are constantly working to reduce our ecological footprint by trying new and innovative methods to reduce our ecological impact.

Thanks to our dedication, we have been given permission to use the Imprim'Vert designation, which is recognised throughout the graphics industry.

Our agency is also involved in think-tanks set up by official organisations (French National Institute for Packaging Design, Eco-emballages, etc.).